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Once considered a marginal activity, Puppy-Play has seen its popularity explode around the world, attracting individuals of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations. Defined as role-playing, puppy play is a state of mind and sometimes a way of life that allows humans to adopt the physical or mental behaviors of a puppy, called Pup. It also offers a role to the person, called Handler, who takes care of the Pup.

Pup play is the modern form of dog-training that originated from the homosexual leather movements of the post-war years. A wide variety of styles now allow everyone to adapt the experience to their own image and assert their identity. Although this activity is sometimes carried out for sexual purposes, its main attraction resides in the state of mind that allows to reach the “headspace”, which helps to release stress and anxiety. In addition, social interactions, the discovery of community and the feeling of freedom are all benefits resulting from this very inclusive practice that is open to the world.

This website explains the origins of pup-play and explores in more detail the different stages, hierarchies, psychological dynamics, and social aspects. It also highlights its positive impacts, and then aspires to demystify and popularize a practice that is too often stereotyped and misunderstood in our society.

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Gather and educate in one place all the activities affecting Puppy-Play around Canada

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