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Defining Puppy-Play

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Puppy-play is a role-playing game where humans put themselves in the place of a puppy.

This practice, which was once sexually stigmatized and associated with BDSM, has been modernized to give way to freedom of identity and expression. Puppy play has taken on new forms that include neither humiliation nor sexuality let alone sadomasochism! This role-playing allows practitioners to fulfill certain desires, such as freedom, social interaction, affection, and distraction.

It is when a person takes on the role of a puppy by adopting physical and/or mental characteristics of the latter. By physical, we are talking here about body positions, such as being on all fours or physically physical to a puppy using accessories. By mental, it is when the person thinks and acts like a baby dog. She can adopt behaviors following her animal and primal instinct, such as licking, barking, biting, scratching, cuddling and more. It is therefore a question of interpreting the role of a puppy, or of playing the role of a person acting with a human who puts himself in the place of a baby dog.

Treating someone like (or pretending to be) a puppy.
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