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Pup Play Urban Dictionary


Alpha – The most dominant pup in the family/pack.


BDSM – An acronym of Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, Sadism & Masochism which are kink-related activities that some people take part in.

Biopup – A real biological canine.

Biped – A two legged animal, in this case, a human (as oppose to a human-pup)


Canine Cousins – Real/biological dogs.

Cat/Kat – The enemy, set on world domination, they can have usefulness because of their intelligence, usually as lawyers and the like, but ultimately they are cunning and evil.


Dominant – The partner who takes the dominant role in a BDSM relationship. The one who’s in charge of the ‘pack’ (see also Alpha). [A person who is dominant in a BDSM relationship may still be a pup and not necessarily a dominant one.]

Dog Slave – #


Electro-shock Collar – A device used for training real dogs that is NOT suitable for human-pups.


Gearpup / Gear Pup – A pup who enjoys, identifies and loves using types of clothing and BDSM gear..

Grooming – Looking after your pups personal hygiene.


Headspace – The mindset of an individual; the way they think or feel.

Hibernation – A pup who takes a break/holiday from being the pup headspace.

Human-pup – A human who gets into the role and headspace of a pup. Same meaning applies to Human-dog.


Losing Your Bark – A pup who feels he may be losing sight of what it means to them to be a pup.


Olfactory – pertains to the nose and sense of smell.

Owner – someone who owns a pup, this is used here to refer to a handler, caretaker, controller or any other human who has responsibility for a human-pup


Pack – The pup’s family; can be other human-pups, real pups and bipeds.

Pawsome – Another word for ‘Awesome’

Pupmode – when the pup is actively in the role of a pup.

Pupspace – the mindset that a person goes into when they absorb themselves into puppy play as a pup.

Pup – A human-pup (for the purpose of this guide).

  • Also: Puppy, Pupper, Pupperino, Dog, Mutt, Dog slave, etc


Safeword – A word that is used in BDSM play to signal that the submissive needs the scene to end. There can also be a slow word that says they don’t want it to stop but they either need a breather or the just need it to go slower.

Scritches – What you give to a pup by scratching/rubbing them on the scalp or behind the ear.

Slave – A submissive who has gone the extra step of giving up all their usual rights to their Dominant partner/Master. Sometimes there will be a pre-agreed contract that designates reasonable limitations of the control the Dominant has.

Squirrels – The enemy, they’re more evil if they’re less cunning than cats, you’ve been warned.

Stray – An unowned pup, usually very hyperactive and annoying because they just want attention and someone to belong to, although they can go to the other extreme and be shy and unassuming.

Submissive – A person who, when in a relationship, gives themselves over to the rules and desires of the Dominant partner to serve/please them. A person who is submissive in a relationship is not necessarily submissive in life (or even as a pup). A submissive usually retains the right to say “no” in such a relationship unlike a slave.

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