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How to Look After Your Puppy

Inspired by pantherkitti’s note on Fetlife. But tailored toward the puppy’s, not the kittens, since we needs lovin’ too.

  1. Run your fingers through their hair. Include nails, gently, along the scalp.

  2. Petting. Remember petting. Take your time. Turn it into a massage.

  3. Collars, bracelets, pretty presents with a mark of your ownership should be presented when they are being good.

  4. Offer chocolate, and tea, whenever they bake up a batch of frownies.

  5. A big cushion, or lots of little cushions in a nest, makes a great resting place for your pup.

  6. 6. A bowl full of their favourite candy will remove any grumpus.

  7. Angry pups have one default “reset” button… treats. Now, you just have to coax your pup out to give them the treat…

  8. Call them pet names, because they like to be reminded they are yours.

  9. Whenever you pass by them, give them a scritch behind the ears before moving on.

  10. Treat your puppy to their favourite drink. Chocolate milk, warm tea, flavoured water; put it in their favourite bowl.

  11. Training is good, treats are better. Reward your puppy any time they do something good.

  12. Regular walkies, even just inside the house, make your puppy happy. A happy pup is a loyal pup.

  13. Chew toys in their favourite colour are a guaranteed way to make them happy.

  14. Add pretty charms to their collar. For rewards, for fun, for no reason at all.

  15. Play fetch! Throw their favourite toys for added fun.

  16. Wrap things up, watch their face light up as you tell them they can open it… with their mouths.

  17. Remember which stuffed toys, chew toys, and books are their favourite. Set up a den filled with these things and a bowl of their favourite candy.

  18. Scritches. Tummy, back, ears, all over.

  19. When you see them yawn, it’s time to pull out the comfy blanket.

  20. Take time to listen to your puppy, find out their favourite places so you can take them whenever they’re sad.

  21. A car ride where they can stick their head out the window will always, always make everything better.

  22. Biting, growling, scratching; during play or sex, is a way of them saying they approve. You’re liked.

  23. A large collection of chew toys within reach, at all times, is essential.

  24. Lots of kisses, over faces, noses, paws, always important.

  25. Take them out on coffee dates, order their favourite drink. Sit and people watch.


  27. Gnawing on you is their way of letting you know they’re happy. Let the chewing happen.

  28. Pamper. Bathe your puppy, swaddle them in blankets, put on their favourite film.

  29. Get them to bark their answers, as much as possible.

  30. Let puppy choose where they want to fall asleep. Whether it’s at your feet, or snuggled in your arms. Their choice will make them happiest.

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